♦ Dragons ♦

Centopia is also home to wild Dragons. The dragons are actually quite harmless and live peacefully alongside the Unicorns and other creatures in Centopia. But the Dragons are caught and used by Panthea’s army, the Munculus, to help fulfill Panthea’s evil plans.

♦ Panthea and Muncs ♦

Centopia is menaced by the evil Queen Panthea. She and her field general Gargona command an army of soldiers called the Munculus, or Muncs for short. They are the Unicorn’s worst enemies because they want to steal their horns! The ivory is meant to bring restore youth of vain Panthea […]

♦ Pans ♦

Pans are tiny, shy creatures that hide everywhere in Centopia: in every tree, behind every bush and yes, even under every rock! They are rarely seen, but their sweet music can be heard throughout the land. Except when there is danger nearby: then the Pans immediately stop playing and quickly […]

♦ Polytheus ♦

Polytheus applies Centopia as a traveling merchant. He gives everything, as long as the price is right. You should never trust him because he is always on his own benefit and wealth from. He is regarded as a loner, and you never know which side he is on. Polytheus lives on […]

♦ Pan Phuddle ♦

This small pan is completely opposite of the other pans in Centopia, which fill the air with their sweet music. Phuddle is such a bad flautist, a disgrace to his profession, he is thrown from the pang Community. Phuddle is a great talker and he regarded himself as “the greatest […]

♦ Panthea ♦

Panthea is the Queen of Munculus. Although she always wears a mask Panthea is extremely vain and very smug. She is obsessed with time and wants nothing more than its already long gone (alleged) beauty and youth regain. She has discovered that the grinding of the horns of unicorns Centopia […]

♦ Gargona ♦

Gargona is the field general of Panthea. She is always looking for the favors of the queen while her army of Munculus orders. Gargona disgusted with the sweet fairies and unicorns. She does much more ugly and aggressive animals that are dangerous and strong, like snakes and dragons. Gargona is […]