Centopia Characters

♦ Earth Unicorn ♦

Unicorns of the four elements: Earth Unicorn The Earth Unicorn lives in a remote cave underground. The Earth Unicorn can grow rocks and hills, or open up tunnels in the ground.

♦ Fire Unicorn ♦

Unicorns of the four elements: Fire Unicorn The Fire Unicorn lives in a glowing volcano and commands the element of fire. The Unicorn foals have to pass an important test of courage with the Fire Unicorn.

♦ Water Unicorn ♦

Unicorns of the four elements: Water Unicorn Water Unicorn has webbings on its front feet and a big fin at its back. This way, it can glide through water like a fish. Water unicorn is the dignified guardian of all the rivers and lakes of Centopia.  

♦ Wind Unicorn ♦

Unicorns of the four elements: Wind Unicorn The Wind Unicorn rides through the air on a cloud. The Wind Unicorn rules over the Centopian skies and is able to create powerful whirlwinds.

♦ Polytheus ♦

Polytheus applies Centopia as a traveling merchant. He gives everything, as long as the price is right. You should never trust him because he is always on his own benefit and wealth from. He is regarded as a loner, and you never know which side he is on. Polytheus lives on […]

♦ Lyria ♦

Lyria is very special first unicorn Mia met and also a Onchaos mother.   Name Lyria Gender Female Particular (physical) characteristics A wonderful pink mane and tail with light pink blossoms and stones in it. She wears golden ankle bracelets. Her fur is white and has a pink curlicue pattern. […]

♦ The Elven People ♦

Elves are docile creatures and the protector of the unicorns. They are adept at flying and brave in battle. Elves gather the dust of the unicorns in the nature bring in Centopia bloom. And especially great: The elves use encapsulated Unicorn tears, to relieve pain and heal wounds! Leader of the elf people are […]