♦ Sinette ♦

Name Sinette Gender Female Particular (physical) characteristics Blue mane with pink blossoms. Particular skills She’s the only Unicorn that is able to jump through waterfalls. Belonging to which herd Ferngrass Herd. Favorite pasture ground in Centopia The shore of the Big Pond. Best friend among the Unicorns She and Volo […]

♦ Malina ♦

Name Malina Gender Female Particular (physical) characteristics Shining red-haired mane with thick braids. Particular skills She is especially caring and always senses when a Unicorn is unhappy. She’s a good listener. The other Unicorns come to confide in her because she always has good advice. Belonging to which herd Ferngrass […]

♦ Unicorns ♦

The Unicorns of Centopia are mystical and untameable creatures. They live a wild, free and happy life. Centopia’s Unicorns are also loyal, peaceful and highly compassionate beings. When they rub their horns against tree trunks, a magical powder falls to the ground, which keeps the nature in Centopia flourishing. Their […]

♦ Earth Unicorn ♦

Unicorns of the four elements: Earth Unicorn The Earth Unicorn lives in a remote cave underground. The Earth Unicorn can grow rocks and hills, or open up tunnels in the ground.

♦ Fire Unicorn ♦

Unicorns of the four elements: Fire Unicorn The Fire Unicorn lives in a glowing volcano and commands the element of fire. The Unicorn foals have to pass an important test of courage with the Fire Unicorn.

♦ Water Unicorn ♦

Unicorns of the four elements: Water Unicorn Water Unicorn has webbings on its front feet and a big fin at its back. This way, it can glide through water like a fish. Water unicorn is the dignified guardian of all the rivers and lakes of Centopia.  

♦ Wind Unicorn ♦

Unicorns of the four elements: Wind Unicorn The Wind Unicorn rides through the air on a cloud. The Wind Unicorn rules over the Centopian skies and is able to create powerful whirlwinds.