Centopia Items

♦ Friendship Rings ♦

The magical Friendship Rings of the Elves are a token of the bond between Mia and her Elven friends. The ring flashes when another owner summons for help or is in danger. To locate the signal’s whereabouts, the butterfly-like ornament flies up and leads the way. Thus the friends can […]

♦ Mias Bracelet ♦

Mia received this golden bracelet along with the book “The Legend of Centopia” as a gift from her father. She soon discovered that it allows her to travel to the fantastic world of Centopia. For this, she needs a password, which she can find in the form of oracles written […]

♦ Trumptus ♦

The Trumptus is an invention of Pan Phuddle. This wind instrument looks like a trumpet, but with its wretched tone sounds absolutely  horrible! But the Trumptus has very special powers: its shrill sound causes the hostile Munculus to burst into a puff of flowers. Thus the Trumptus helps the Elves […]

♦ Waterglares ♦

Each Elven warrior wears a Waterglare on his or her arm. With these weapons, the Elves launch spheres of water, because the Munculus soldiers are allergic to it. If water touches any part of them, they will rapidly shrink to a tiny size, complete with high, squeaky voices. For fun […]