Centopia Places

♦ Centopias Jungle ♦

Vast swaths of Centopia are covered with dense jungle. Here you can find flowers, bushes and trees that don’t grow anywhere in our world. These distinctive plants make Centopia a unique place.

♦ Puddles Cave ♦

In this cave within the Elf Crater lives Pan Phuddle. Here he broods over his quirky inventions which never quite work as expected. One exception is the Trumptus, which – unbenownst to Phuddle – offers new hope for Centopia.

♦ Pantheas Palace ♦

In a gloomy area in the middle of the Barren Zone stands the dark castle of Queen Panthea. Her throne room, from which she commands Gargona and the army of Munculus, is perched at a dizzying height. Here you’ll find a large hourglass which indicates Panthea’s remaining lifetime, and  which […]

♦ Elf Palace ♦

The Elf Palace is inhabited by Elf King Raynor, Queen Mayla and Prince Mo. The Palace is protected by a mighty waterdome which can be activated whenever there’s a threat by Gargona and the Munculus. A huge balloon throne is located inside the magnificent throne room. With this throne, the […]

♦ Centopia ♦

Centopia is the wonderful world of the Fairies, Unicorns, Dragons and Pane. The idyllic kingdom is full of amazing places and landscapes: The Elves palace Onchaos waterfall, the Rialto River, the Glowworm Cave, the Hanging Gardens or the unequal hills – all this and much more is in Centopia discover!