Season 2

Mia and Me Season 2 – Full Free Episodes

Watch Mia and me – Season 2 – FULL EPISODES FOR FREE! Mia spends her summer holidays at her grandfather Renzo’s farm, which is being faced with ruin. With the help of Renzo’s stable hand Mario, Mia tries to save the estate from being annexed by Contessa di Nola, Violetta’s […]

Breaking the Spell

Mia and her friends load their sprayers with rainbow water. They use it to break the spell on the Unicorn King. The use Rixol’s Dragon (now their ally) to enter Rixol’s island. They chase Rixol and Gargona from the island and Mia pours some rainbow into the evil green spirits […]

The Strongest Team

After they solved the oracle, Mia and her friends plan to free Gurga from her spell with the help of the magic potion. But where to look for Gurga?

A Sticky Situation

The elves plan a major attack on Rixel’s island, but they have to trust each other. Mia suspects Varia to be Violetta. When Mia wants to confront Varia with her suspicion, Varia accidentally reveals her true identity.

The Rainbow Spring

Mia lands in the elven crater, where Ono visits the royals together with his son. Phuddle has a new invention as a gift for the returned king, which turns out to be disastrous – naturally.

The Unicorn King

Mia lands next to the igloo at the North Horn, where she left Centopia the last time. Mia, Yuko, Mo, and Onchao say farewell to the bluebardos and head off to the secret island.

Journey to the North

Equipped with the petals of the fiery flower, the friends and Varia set off to the North Horn. Rixel got a tip from his spy Varia and follows them.

The Fiery Flower

Mia and her friends plan to set off to the icy North Horn to find Ono, but Raynor tells them that they have to protect themselves against the cold. In Centopia’s volcano, they find the unique fiery flower to help protect them.