Christmas Coloring Books

Amazing Mia And Me Coloring Books for perfect Christmas Holidays! Christmas is near, this is the best time for family, fans and kids. This coloring book is a Fantastic gift for all. Coloring has never been so easy and catching with this Christmas Coloring Book! All best pictures are ready […]

Mia and Me Dolls by Mattel

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for:  Little Mia is lonely in the boarding school. But as she discovers the book of Centopia that leads her into a magical land, thus in the world fabulous, but very real and adorable unicorns. As the story continues, and what there […]

Mia and Me Unicorns – Toys by Mattel

New Mia and Me Unicorn Toys by Mattel   The 12-year-old Mia feels lonely at boarding school. But as she discovers the book of Centopia that leads them into a magical land and in so legendary in the world – but very real and adorable – unicorns. In this magical […]

Mia and Me Lyria Plush Toys

Dear Mia and me Fans. Mia and Me Lyria Plush Toys are available now in our Mia and Me Store!   The wonderful plush unicorn Lyria from the children’s series Mia and Me radiates in great colors. It is 40cm tall and is made of soft plush. Suitable for babies […]

Mia & Me Bubble Wand

Centopia is now enchanted with great giant soap bubbles, which are made with the great Mia & Me Bubble wand. On the bubble wand, a hologram of Mia can be seen and with 115 ml of liquor contain it is the large iridescent soap bubbles. [amazon asin=XXXXXX&text=More about Mia and Me Bubble […]

Mia & Me Water Glare Syringe

The Mia & Me Water Glare syringe is filled with water and attached to the wrist. By pressing the button on the top a water jet is shot and made the evil spirits in Centopia wet. The Mia & Me Water Glare syringe is 16 cm tall. [amazon asin=B00CTC9WQK&text=More about Mia and […]

Mia & Me LED Image Projector

The Mia & Me LED image projector is great for telling stories and adventures from Centopia. The images are simply projected on the wall and can then be easily traced. The projector comes with 3 discs each showing 8 images, with sharpness setting and with storage compartment for discs. [amazon […]

Mia & Me Bubble Trumptus

With the Mia & Me Bubble Trumptus you can driving out the evil Panthea and her Munculus Warriors. Great iridescent soap bubbles can be blown. The liquor is poured into the small bowl, exchanged into the Trumptus and blown through. The set of 17 cm Trumptus and 60 ml of liquor is […]