Trailer for Mia and Me – The Magic Trumptus game

The magic Trumptus – The elves want to find scattered throughout Centopia lying parts of the magical Trumptus, because only with this Trumptus they can chase away the evil Panthea and Munculus warrior. But where to look? Throughout Centopia can Trumptus parts are, and could be lurking around every corner […]

New Clementoni Creative Toys

Last time we announce some new Mia and Me toys. Some of them are here, some will come soon!!! What are you expect most? Maybe dolls? :=)   [amazon template=thumbnailena&asin=B00AYP21U8] [amazon asin=B00AYP21U8&text=Magic style] [amazon template=thumbnailena&asin=B00AZURE2M] [amazon asin=thumbnailena&text=Magic Plants with glitter] [amazon template=image1&asin=B00AOERLMM] [amazon asin=thumbnailena&text=The magic spell looms] [amazon template=thumbnailena&asin=B00AOEZ5HK] [amazon asin=B00AOEZ5HK&text=Jewelry kit] [amazon template=thumbnailena&asin=B00AZURE2C] […]

New Mia and Me Toys Announced

m4e expands the “Mia and me®” licensing programme in time for International Toy Fair   “Mia and me” is unstoppable. Not only on TV, but also within the licensing market, its elves and unicorns continue to be very well received. For its own production (in a joint venture with Gerhard Hahn), the Munich […]

New Mia and Me Decorations for your Home

Something new for your room and bathroom.   [amazon asin=B00B7GFN44&text=Carpet Mia and Me “Love Tree”] Carpet for kids 75×100 cm [amazon asin=B00B7GFLWI&text=Mia and Me Carpet “Magic”] Carpet for kids 75×100 cm [amazon asin=B00B7GFLY6&text=Polar Playground Mia and Me “Magic”] Polar Playground for kids 120 x 150 cm [amazon asin=B00B7GFLWS&text=Mia and Me Towel […]

Mia and Me E-Lektor Quiz Game

Something new for all Mia and Me Fans! [amazon asin=B00AZURE2C&text=Mia and Me E-Lektor Quiz Game] from 5 years playfully explore and learn Objective Combine, logical thinking, skill Batteries required Batteries Included   Mia and Me Gift Categories: SHIRTS I HOME I TOYS I PERSONAL CARE I STICKERS & COLORING BOOKS I DVD I BOOKS I MP3 I MUSIC      Look at Mia and Me […]

Mia and Me home products

Some beautiful Mia and Me produtcs for your home: Mia and Me bedding set for children [amazon asin=B009GG1BFM&text=More info for: Bed linen for children] Size: 135×200 cm + 80×80 cm • Machine washable Mia and Me pillow [amazon asin=B00AEO0U2A&text=More info for: Mia and Me pillow] Size: 41×41 cm • 4 different […]

Mia and Me – Stickers & Coloring Books Collection

  Something nice for you and your children:   [amazon template=thumbnailslika&asin=3864580803] [amazon asin=3864580803&text=More info for: Mia and Me – My Big Coloring Book] With beautiful designs of Mia and her friends in Centopia. Some with already colored backgrounds. For children aged 4 to 6 years. Material: paper • Size: 29.2 x […]

Mia and Me Presents

Did you get some St. Nicholas Mia and Me present?                                                                        Is still time for Christmas and […]