♦ Fano ♦

Fano Unicorn



Particular (physical) characteristics
Light blue mane and tail, light turquoise fur with curly patterns.

Particular skills
He’s a true friend to all of the foals and always helpful.

Belonging to which herd
Ferngrass Herd.

Favorite pasture ground in Centopia
He prefers to be where the other foals are playing. But sometimes, when he wants to be alone, he goes to his little cave behind the waterfall at the Big Pond. He never tells anyone about the cave — that’s his secret.

Best friend among the Unicorns
Fano is a friend to all of the herd’s foals, although he loves to be around Li most, because she’s so fun to play with. His best friend is Rahn, and together they go on exciting adventures!

Loves to do
To jump through the waterfalls at the Big Pond with his mother Sinette and chase after dragonflies. He also likes to explore the whole area with Rahn, pretending they are protecting the herd from intruders.