♦ Lyria ♦

Lyria Unicorn

Lyria is very special first unicorn Mia met and also a Onchaos mother.




Particular (physical) characteristics
A wonderful pink mane and tail with light pink blossoms and stones in it. She wears golden ankle bracelets. Her fur is white and has a pink curlicue pattern.

Particular skills
She has a special sense for plants that have become ill. She’s the wife of Unicorn King Ono and the mother of Onchao.

Belonging to which herd
Ferngrass Herd.

Favorite pasture ground in Centopia
The Sparkle Pollen Fields.

Best friend among the Unicorns
Her son Onchao and her husband Ono.

Loves to do
Lyria loves to take care of the plants at the Sparkle Pollen Fields. The plants there are very delicate and produce a wonderful blossom once a day. Lyria looks after the plants, revives them with her horn and ensures that they continue to grow forever.