Mia and Me Season 3 TV Series Announcement

Mia and Me 3 - Lyria and Baby Elf

All of Centopia are buzzing with excitement: Onchao the winged unicorn now has a little sister! Cute Kyara, but she is not only a handful, she is also the ideal target for Gargona and her new allies, the mean insect men from the cursed land of Dystopia. Mia and her friends Yuko and Mo have more than enough to do protecting the unicorns from the bad guys, using lots of charm, wits and their best flying skills.

The third season of „Mia and me“ is a continuation of Hahn & m4e productions‘ success story of the most prolific German children’s TV series of all time. The 26 brand new episodes are expected to go on air in early 2017.


Season 3 Episod List

Episod 12 – Finding Simo
Episod 13 – Freeze and Snoot
Episod 21 – Ziggo Moves Out
Episod 22 – What Is Your Desire?
Episod 23 – Heist on Dark Castle
Episod 24 – Seeing in the Dark
Episod 25 – The Big Sleep
Episod 26 – The Last Stand