Mia and Me – Second Season Announcement Trailer

New Mia and Me Video Trailer with Second Season Announcement


Rainbow, in co-production with Lucky Punch and March Entertainment have announced that further to strong international TV sales and extremely positive ratings for series one, a second series of 26 x 23 episodes of live action and CGI animation of Mia and me have been commissioned for broadcast by the end of 2014/beginning of 2015.

The TV series is a sumptuous production that chronicles the adventures of Mia in the magical land of Centopia. In the live action world Mia is a bright but awkward 12 year old who has trouble fitting into her new boarding school but in the beautiful animated world of Centopia she turns into a pretty elf who becomes the guardian of the land’s unicorns.

Award winning and top rated across Germany, Northern Europe, Benelux and Italy, Mia and me offers everything that kids love in one amazing show; the exciting mixture of friendship, magic, imagination, action, adventure and mythical creatures. As a result, in the course of only one and a half years the series has been sold to over 70 broadcasters in more than 60 Countries, covering from Europe to Latam. Among the recent acquisitions, the first season was bought by ClanTV (Spain), RTBF/OUFtivi (Belgium), YoYoTV (Hongkong, Macao, Singapore, Taiwan), KBSN (South Korea) and Karakhstan TV. The expectation is to complete the map of the TV networks on board during the next Mipcom when the second season will be officially presented.

This second series will feature fantastic new locations, new characters and, so important for the audience, new animals as well as new outfits, friends and foes. The collectable power and the strong toyetic value have been confirmed as key assets of the property, perfect for licensing, with many new unicorns that will interact directly with the main characters and more new props and accessories that will continue to inspire new toy products. These will be added to the existing products already developed by such prestigious partners as Ravensburger, Simba Toys, and AMC Toys and the launch of the extensive toy range planned for next year by the international toy partner Mattel.

Finally, the consumer product roll out plan for 2014 will be co-ordinated in each country as a result of the appointment of new agents; Exim for Latin America, Wild Pumpkin for Australia & New Zealand, PopCorn for Portugal, Point of View for Israel, B-Rights for Greece and Planeta for Spain.