Mia and Me in Story

Mia, Yuko, Mo, Onchao

Mia and Me – Centopia

At centre-stage of the series is the 12-year-old Mia, who, after her parents went missing in an accident, has to come to terms with life at a boarding school. All she has left from her parents are a bracelet and an old book about unicorns in a land called Centopia, which her father used for his greatest video game project so far. By chance Mia makes a fantastic discovery: With the help of the bracelet and the book she can transport herself from the live-action world into the CGI-animated paradise of Centopia, becoming a gorgeous Elf and finding out that she can communicate with the Unicorns. However, the peaceful Centopia and its Unicorns are in danger, since the treacherous Queen Panthea, leader of the Munculus, urgently needs the ivory from the unicorns in order to lengthen her own life-cycle or even to become immortal. It is now solely down to Mia to save the fantastic world of Centopia and the Unicorns. By switching to and fro between the real world and the fictitious, and with the help of the elves Yuko and Prince Mo on the one hand, and her new school friends Paula and Vincent on the other, she attempts to restrain the intrigues of the devious Panthea.

♥ Mia ♥