Mia and Me with successful Kika TV launch in Germany

Huge success for the new TV series Mia and Me (26 x 23’) at its German TV launch on KiKA. Premiering on Monday, 6th August 2012 at 7:00 pm and since then broadcasted daily, the fantasy-adventure series reaches up to 33% in market shares and thus approx. 300,000 children within the target group of 3-13 years (source: AGF/GfK TV Scope). The average ratings are at 29%, which can be considered as very high for the launch of a new TV series.

At the 19th International Trick film Festival Stuttgart (ITFS), one of the biggest and most relevant festivals for animated film in the world, a kid’s jury honored Mia and me on 13th May 2012 as Best Animation Series for Kids.