Mia and Me Fan Magazin – May 2014

Your official fan magazine! Come with me in the magical world of Centopia!



Oh no! Mia lost her memory! As you’ll now find only the next Trumptusteil? King Raynor has an idea and sends Mia, Yuko and Mo to the Cave of Truth. But the cave can be dangerous. What happens in the exciting XXL images story, you will experience in your new Mia and me edition! Also this time to wait again great Elven riddle, a cool craft side, 2 magic XL poster and 2 fantasy poster for you. Learn Rando Meet the fastest unicorn Farngrasherde and see in Part 1 of the magical beings of Centopia all about the legendary dragon. In addition, Mia has great tips for you, how can you organize a fun elf picnic with your friends and how you tinker flowery invitations. Also Phuddle has again funny sayings ready where you limp you laugh guaranteed!




Your magical Extras: Your cool Pen with Glitter Slip box and butterfly block for your secret messages + 20 Glitter Stickers! Keep your secret messages in the sweet note box on and decorate your block with the sweet Glitter Stickers.