Mia and Me – Fan Magazine – March 2014

Mia and me Fan Magazine March 2014



EXTRA: Glitter Bracelet



Your official fan magazine! Come with me in the magical world of Centopia!


This time with the exciting story “King for a Day”: Because his parents are sick, Mo must govern Centopia. But Panthea concocts a new nasty plan. What happens in the exciting story, you will experience in your new Mia and me edition! Also this time to wait again great Elven riddle, a cool craft side and four stunning poster for you. Learn Sitos know daughter Li, learn more about the fantastic world of plants Centopia and tinker with Mia a colorful floral picture frame.

Choose your magical Extras: With the sweet glitter bracelet you’re wearing Onchao and Mia always with you. In addition, there are 16 Glitter Tattoos, with which you can decorate your face or arm in no time! Have fun with Mia and her friends!