New Clementoni Creative Toys

Last time we announce some new Mia and Me toys. Some of them are here, some will come soon!!!

What are you expect most? Maybe dolls? :=)



[amazon template=thumbnailena&asin=B00AYP21U8]
[amazon asin=B00AYP21U8&text=Magic style]

[amazon template=thumbnailena&asin=B00AZURE2M]
[amazon asin=thumbnailena&text=Magic Plants with glitter]

[amazon template=image1&asin=B00AOERLMM]
[amazon asin=thumbnailena&text=The magic spell looms]

[amazon template=thumbnailena&asin=B00AOEZ5HK]
[amazon asin=B00AOEZ5HK&text=Jewelry kit]

[amazon template=thumbnailena&asin=B00AZURE2C]
[amazon asin=B00AZURE2C&text=Mia and Me Quiz]


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