♦ Rahn ♦

Rahn Unicorn



Particular (physical) characteristics
Blonde mane and tail.

Particular skills
Rahn is the leader of the Ferngrass Herd’s foals. He’s a very talented climber and the fastest sprinter. He fears nothing. But he’s also very smart and would never put himself or the others in danger.

Belonging to which herd
Ferngrass Herd.

Favorite pasture ground in Centopia
The big field at the edge of the Southern Cliffs.

Best friend among the Unicorns
Fano is his best friend, whom he can always rely on. But he also loves to play with Pina and Li.

Loves to do
Rahn loves adventures. Since he’s curious and brave, he explores all of Centopia and dares to go to new, unknown places that other foals are still afraid of. Since he’s a good climber, he has already been to some of the highest mountains, and since he’s very fast, he wins every race.