♦ Rosabell Laurenti Sellers ♦

Rosabell Laurenti Sellers – Mia (Mia and Me)
Date Of Birth: 27/03/1996
Nationality: Italian/US
Rosabell Laurenti-Sellers was born in Santa Monica, California, in 1996. Her acting debut came at age 8 when she and her brother were cast as Medea’s fated children in the La Mama theater company’s New York production. After the New York run, Rosabell and her brother went on tour with the company in Poland and Austria. Rosabell moved with her family to Rome, Italy that same year.
She started working in film and tv. Projects include tv series “E Poi C’e’ Filippo” directed by Maurizio Ponzi, tv movie “Amore e Guerra” by Giacomo Campiotti, feature film “Look Right, Look Left” by Sandro Baldoni, tv series “Medicina Generale” and three other major tv movies, “L’Aviatore” (Carlo Carlei) Coco Chanel (Christian Deguy), an Ann Frank (in the title role) directed by Alberto Negrin. She was in the feature film “Ex” directed by Fausto Brizzi, and the tv series “Paura di Amare” as well as playing the daughter of Oscar award winning actress Rachel Weisz in a new film called “The Whistleblower”.
Besides acting, Rosabell has many interests. Her main passions are horseback riding and tap dancing. She has studied and performed tap for three years. She has participated in numerous equestrian competitions, including dressage, jumping, and “vaulting” (acrobatics on horseback). Rosabell is also involved in charity work. For the past two years she has worked voluntarily for an organization called “Veto the ‘Squito” which fights malaria in Africa by raising money to manufacture and distribute insecticide-treated bed nets. Rosabell has also collaborated with the League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism.
Credits CINEMA
Year: 2010
Title: “Femmine contro maschi”
Director: Fausto Brizzi
Name in Role: Flavia
Year: 2009
Title: “The whistle blower”
Director: Larysa Kondracki
Role: figlia di Rachel Weiss
Information: Riprese a Bucarest ,nel cast Monica Bellucci,Vanessa Redgrave, Rachel Weiss,David Strathaim
Year: 2008
Title: “Cocapop”
Director: Pasquale Pozzessere
Year: 2008
Title: “Ex”
Director: Fausto Brizzi
Name in Role: Barbara
Title: “Look Right Look Left”
Director: Sandro Baldoni
Year: 2010
Title: “Yoko , Mo and me ”
Director: Gianluca Sodaro
Role: protagonista
Name in Role: Milly
Genre: fantasy
Information: serie tv internazionale girata in lingua inglese- prodotta dalla Raimbow Entertainment
Year: 2010
Title: “Agata e Ulisse ”
Director: Maurizio Nichetti
Name in Role: Milla
Year: 2009
Title: “Mi ricordo Anna Frank”
Director: Alberto Negrin
Role: Protagonista
Name in Role: Anna Frank
Information: Produzione Italian International Film
Year: 2008
Title: “In fuga per la liberta’ ”
Director: Carlo Carlei
Role: Figlia di S. Castellitto
Name in Role: Nicoletta
Information: Con Sergio Castellitto e Anna Valle
Year: 2008
Title: “Coco Chanel ”
Director: Christian Duguay
Role: Coco a 12 anni
Name in Role: Coco
Year: 2006
Title: “La guerra sulle montagne ”
Director: Giacomo Campiotti
Year: 2005
Title: “E poi c’è Filppo ”
Director: M. Ponzi
Year: 1999
Title: “A Wheel in Time”
Director: Mary Sellers
Information: Usa
Year: 2010
Title: “Io Anna e le loro amiche”
Director: Matt Patresi
Role: protagonista
Name in Role: Anna
Information: spettacolo scritto da Rosabell Laurenti Sellers e diretto Da Matt Patresi, tenuto 26/05/2010 presso Università Roma Tre-si raccontano le storie di 6 ragazze ebree durante la seconda guerra mondiale ,raccontate attraverso i loro diari. Con la presenza di Hannah Goslar e la video partecipazione di Moni Ovadia .
Title: “Medea”
Director: Ellen Steward
Information: La Mama Theatre
Title: “La Bottega de caffe”
Director: Paola Bellu
Information: Goldoni
Year: 2009
Title: “Paura di Amare ”
Director: Vincenzo Terracciano
Role: protagonista
Name in Role: Carlotta
Year: 2008
Title: “Medicina generale ”
Director: Luca Ribuoli/Francesco Micciche
Role: protagonista di episodio
Name in Role: Rebecca
Year: 2004
Spot: “Progresso Europeo”
Commercial: “Banca Intesa”